Unique decoration pieces designer and globetrotter

The artist

Her heritage

French, born in Tunisia, raised in Senegal and Mali.. Her home is in the Var region, in the town of Six-Fours-les-Plages in the southeast of France.

Her roots … Russian, Sicilian, Maltese, French…she was born with the desire to discover the world and a natural openness to the world and other cultures.
Crossing the Sahara, traveling in Africa, USA, Hawaii, Polynesia: She is at home both in Timbuktu and in Beverly Hills …

The artist

Her emotions

Oceans, tides … Nature is timeless, all that comes directly from the seabed, vegetal and animal, mixed with shoreline flora give Roselyne Begtine the desire to create.

Gold thread, raffia, ribbon, haberdashery and jewelry, these are the intermediaries that accentuate the beauty of a piece of coral, seaweed, a shell, or coconut fiber.

Sealineartcreation was born long ago in the mind of Roselyne who already had a professional background in the world of decoration.

Her sensitivity and emotions concerning nature, colors and shapes, nurtured her desire to give a second life to the objects she collects during her travels.

The artist

Nature is a miracle

Nature is a miracle…

Perhaps then, one day, his respect won’t simply be mentioned, but will become reality.

“There are two ways to live your life” (..said Einstein..)
“Believing that nothing is a miracle … or thinking that everything is a miracle”.



Every framed composition is unique

Each of Roselyne’s framed compositions is unique …

Mother Nature never creates exactly the same thing twice.

Most elements used for staging her scenes are found on the seashore, and are placed there naturally by the tides.


Respect the natural preservation

Certain pieces come from culture.

They are acquired from importers who respect the natural preservation of marine Bio tops.